Night Night

I don’t know about you, but often I sleep best when I’m on my own. Although I might be accustomed to the other person’s sleeping patterns; their little night noises, their shape in the darkness or blanket hogging but there is still that deep, refreshing sleep that I only seem to get alone. Often when in someone else’s bed, especially in the early days it entails light nor no sleep which gives me plenty of time to get familiar with the night scape of the room.

The Meerkat Family

The streetlight projects a shadow on the wall,                                                                        looks strangely like a family of Meerkats.

Rolling over I notice them,

in my state of half sleep I point this out,

your arm snakes under my neck while the other wraps around my waist,

in my state of half sleep I point this out,

not turning your face from that space between the pillow and my neck

you mumble in agreement but not caring really.

your arm dies and you roll away

The family is a nightly occurrence in those long summer nights,                                      stretched out against the wall,                                                                                                    standing guard.

Watching us toss and turn that night

disappearing in the early morning light

Sometimes I miss them and their vigil

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