As some of you might know, I have a Nikon FM2, which I nicked from my dad 2 years ago. Before this I used to carry around a disposable camera. What I love about film photography is that:

  • A) It makes you print your photos- in this digital age its so satisfying to have physical copies of the photos that you’ve taken
  • B) You never know how they are going to turn out! it’s always such a surprise when you pick the photos up from being developed.
  • C) The image is considered. With film it makes me think about the composition, lighting, and subject much more than when using my phone or DSLR. As with the digital you have more chances while analogue you just dont want to waste the film by taking multiple exposures of the same thing. Well thats what I’ve found anywyas

For Christmas this year I was given a few rolls of Ilford HP5. Many rave about Ilford, but I’ve been on the fence about it as the Kodak Tri-X has such a lovely texture to it. These photos are all shot between Dec’17 and Feb’18- so they have a weaker sky and light so maybe that could be why they are lacking a similar depth of texture. Overall still on the fence.



These are some of the Kodak Tri-X that I took back in March-April last year. Its hard to compare the lighting conditions as winter light in comparison to spring light is quite different. That said, I think that you can get a sense of the textual differences that I mentioned.



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