Airplane mode


that familiar sound of you entering my sphere

originally that sound would make me smile

you bringing a little bit of humor into my library study sesh

sometimes, even then, it would be a bit much

like can I have 5 minutes peace please?


that sound is dread

being sucked back in,

the cycle continuing over

and over


when can you get the message?



I’m not a bit fan of texting, I find that it’s never quite satisfying if you are trying to have a conversation with someone. Its grand for organising stuff or having a quick check in with someone but that’s about as much as I like to text. Maybe this makes me sound 45+ but as I sit here in the flat wearing a wooly jumper and my reading glasses I essentially am living that life. Another thing about messaging, but especially texting is the obtrusiveness of it. The text invades your personal space without any forewarning, and with no consideration to the context you are currently in, now most of the time thats grand. But when receiving a text or message from a particular person, lets say an ex or romantic interest, those texts can throw you. Taking all your attention, which sometimes is nice, but also sometimes I just want to be left alone and if we have agreed to that and you still continue text or message it is the most frustrating thing. Sometimes, all I want to do is go on airplane mode, get away from it all.

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