In case you didn’t know, today is Friday.

Yep that day of the week, comes before Saturday and after a Thursday. Maybe if you’re the type of person who makes time for going out, you might be feeling a bit hangy, or if you’re like me then potentially you are sitting in the library procrastinating on all the things you probably should be doing.

Since today is the day that usually marks the beginning of the weekend, I thought I’d share 5 things that, either when I’m procrastinating or have time on the weekends, like to browse.

Just having a look, China Town NY, 2018

Numero Uno: Spotify playlists

I’m one of those people who has a playlist for everything; ranging from stuff my mum would listen to if she used spotify, old jazz, misc showers, going places and of course numerous library playlists . The current one I think is a nifty mix that could be played while lounging around at home or also on low in the background while attempting to do reading. Maybe having multiple playlists has a deeper meaning about my personality but who knows, I don’t really like having to skip songs hence why there’s a playlist for every occasion.

Numero Due: Other blogs

One of the blogs that inspired my to start this one was by Imogen Molly. She has a great range of posts! Ones I return to frequently for ideas is her vegan food recipes, which I find very helpful considering that a large proportion of my friend group is vegan! Recently she did a cool 21 day blog post challenge, I’m not nearly half as organised nor have the brain space at the moment, but there is great content there and I would highly recommend having a read.

Numero Tre: Manrepeller

This technically is another blog, but I feel that it goes beyond your regular ‘blog’. It’s a website, community, social commentator, peculiar fashion/ fashion advice and probably more that I haven’t delved into the depths of just yet. I came across this space back when I lived in Italy and ever since then I regularly give it a scroll. One of my favourite posts uses the prime analogy of avocados to describe dating . If there is only 1 link that you click in this post, please click this one and that’s all that I’ll say on that.

Numero Quatro: Podcasts

I’m a big fan of podcasts, recently fell in love with Serial Season 3. Its by the trusty team of This American Life and WBEZ Chicago. Seriously well produced documentary journalism, your ears will much appreciate you if you give this a listen. Occasionally I also tend to pop on The High Low, which is by two British female journalists/ social commentators. Its very different to my usual postcasts but fun all the same.

Numero Cinque: Have a YOU day

This I think is easier said and done. For me, during term time, I find this hard to make time for but its important to take time to do the things you like to do. If  a whole day is a bit much, then an evening here and there can also give that release from the routine. Recently I went to the the South Korean film ‘The Handmaiden’, with a friend. We went in both having had not the best day, and upon leaving the cinema both of us in a much improved mood and state of mind.  This is not a review of the film, but how we experienced and interpreted it had the perfect boosting effect on us.

So there you have it! Happy browsing team and have a lovely weekend!

Chat soon, xo

I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, Brooklyn NY, 2018

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