Double Vision

I’d say that generally with analogue photography, you’re never 100% sure with how the image is going to turn out. You might have a rough idea, but that for me is about as far as it does especially when it comes to double exposures. Making a double exposure on the Nikon FM2 is relatively simple as there is a mechanism that circumvents the winding of the film. This enables me to take multiple exposures on the one negative. Analogue cameras are like people, each is unique with its own personality, so when it comes to creating a double exposure image you really are leaving a lot up to the camera and its mood. Anyways, here’s a collection of some of my relatively recent colour film double exposures.


Brussels, 2018
Brooklyn, 2018
Brooklyn, 2018
New York, 2018
Glasgow, 2019
Fennit, 2019
Maine, 2018
Frankfort, 2018
Beulah, 2018
Detroit, 2018

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