Digging Deep

Self motivation is hard. Not gonna lie to you.

Through the artifice of Instagram and other such social media platforms, with the influencers for this, that and the other, we are constantly bombarded with the illusion of having it all. That it’s easy to be fit and healthy, interesting, sociable, live within a budget and get the grades that look nice on a piece of paper. Side note, Man Repeller wrote a piece on having it all and it’s well worth taking a look.

Sociable Boys

In this season of exams and of the social retreatment into that hole of self despair and self doubt in one’s abilities, social media is both a blessing and a curse. For me, it acts as an aesthetic distraction, a place where I can look at aesthetic analogue photos but also where I’m reminded of the fact that I’m here, suck in the library lusting for sunny days elsewhere. Just a small nugget from lil ol’me, but its quite liberating to do one of two things to avoid the social media self loathing bubble.

  • Numero Uno: Delete the app till the end of exams/ or as I do; I try to delete it after my breakfast in the morning and then reinstall it in the evenings for a pre-bedtime scroll.
  • Numero Due: Unfollowing accounts/influencers that make you feel unproductive or a bit crappy.

Sounds like basic advice, but had it not been recommended by a pal, I probably wouldn’t have thought of doing it. Other little things of self care that I’ve been doing to help get both the ball rolling and to hopefully keep it rolling has included:

Getting a routine: For me that includes meal prepping so that I can have nice dinners and lunches (also saves the £££), getting up early and attempting to go to bed early has also been helpful for me.

Swimming/ general movement: Adults and the likes harp on about how exercise is good for you, and they’re right- most of the time. Sometimes I find that going to the gym is such a mental game, especially if I’ve said to myself that I’ll do a run or cardio/core work, that it ends up being counterproductive bringing me down and not up. Especially if its not a ‘good’ workout. I’ve found that swimming is something that is still exercise but is also less of a mental struggle if its been a long day at the library. SO, my advice is find something, like a wee evening walk or this sort of thing. Something that no matter how long the day, will pull you up and not down.

Me time: taking an evening off, or a spontaneous date or drink will pals is so refreshing and its really important not to isolate yourself during times of stress. Plus also it gets you out of your own little bubble for a bit which I always find helps.

So lads, hope some of this is in someway helpful. Good luck with exams and I’ll see you on the other side.


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