Concrete Plans

Recently I headed out with two pals to visit the abandoned, brutalist seminary in Cardross. St.Peters is nestled in the trees, and you can get to surprisingly easily. As a day trip I would well recommend, its hard to describe the experience as its so odd to see this huge structure just placed in the middle of the woods. It was easy to fantasise about what we would do with the site if we had the money. I brought along my camera and some expired Kodak HD 400 film to take some pictures.

There is something about photographing Brutalist buildings, with their strong lines, that is particularly satisfying. The ways in which the trees have reclaimed the site, and the contrasts between nature and reinforced concrete make it a place that is irresistible not to use a whole roll of film.This post is just a collection of some pictures from our trip.

Edgy- Kodak HD400
Smile Cho! – Kodak HD400
Seminary Gals- Kodak HD400
Sprouting- Kodak HD400

I really like how with the expired film, you get these unexpected imperfections. Such as these little light lines on the Sprouting tree picture above.

Horizontal framing Vertical – Kodak HD400
Texture galore- Kodak HD400
Spiders, the local residents now- Kodak HD400

On this picture above I tried to do a double exposure, but the layers didn’t come out as vividly as usual. I suspect that this is due to the film being expired and the chemicals not strong enough to withstand more than one exposure to the light.

Lines and Ladies- Kodak HD400
Minimal division- Kodak HD400
Reaching out- Kodak HD400
Interior Spaces- Kodak HD400
Thanks for Coming- Kodak HD400

Thanks for scrolling through these.

Ciao till next time!


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