Easily impressed (Focaccia)

Focaccia is one of those breads that is genuinely really easy and quick to make (as far as yeast breads go).

Some recipes call for 2 proves after the initial prove in the bowl, but mine turned out perfectly fluffy and chewy with just one.


• 500g strong white flour (I used unbleached)

• 8g dried yeast

• 25g semolina plus extra for the baking tray

• 10g salt

• 50g olive oil

• 350g water

Caramelised Onions

• 2 red onions

• 2 cloves of garlic

• Olive oil

• Balsamic Vinegar

• Basil (optional)


1. Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl, salt and yeast on separate sides.

2. Make a well and add liquids.

3. Mix the ingredients in a bowl until all combined/no straggling bits left.

4. Turn out onto a clean surface (do not put any flour on the surface!!)

5. Knead until silky, and elastic. It took me 20 or so min, but really varies depending on person. I used a mixture of the slap and fold technique.

6. Put some olive oil in a bowl, pop in your dough and leave to rise till doubled in size. Took mine an hour and a bit. (I just left my dough in the Kitchen, as it’s quite warm atm.)

7. Once doubled, turn onto a greased and semolina dusted baking tray. Prod evenly with fingers, and put on some olive oil over the top (max 4 teaspoons). Leave to rest, I did an hour prove.

8. While bread is on second prove, caramelise your onions. Thickly chop them and fry in olive oil with the garlic, once gone a bit brown/soggy add in a healthy splash (or 2) of balsamic vinegar and basil. Once done season to taste and transfer to a bowl to cool.

9. Heat oven to 230C, and put a roasting dish at the bottom of your oven.

10. After the second prove, grab some sea salt and sprinkle over the top over your dough, then evenly put your onions on.

11. Just before putting the bread in the oven, put some boiling water into the roasting dish to create some steam hen put in the bread immediately. Turn your oven down to 220C

12. Bake for about 20/25min depending on your oven.

13. Leave to cool and then eat. Serving rec: some balsamic vinegar + oil oil in bowl for dipping into is delish!!

Pre bake
Post bake

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