Its funny how just one person can have such an impact on you. Be it a partner, pal, sibling, colleague, the list goes on. A little message can change your day, one hug can leave you replenished, a kiss laden with appreciation, a lunch break turns an unproductive day into a productive one.

People translate. They are imbued in our everyday mundane objects or things; the bowl of oranges on the kitchen table are a trope, that cup of coffee becomes a place, a lime becomes a night, a duck makes you think of a smile, a bowl of soup is a rainy day. These translations are infinite and invoke an equally broad emotional response.

There are times in which these translations are painful, pulling you back into a dark and twisty place. The nightmare that comes out of nowhere, leaving you reeling, completely thrown for words, hollow inside.

Mundaneness is a disguise, a way to mask the reality of the emotional investment of the small moments in the small things. We often don’t notice this because these things are just that: the every day. Why would we take stock? These objects and things are like the sun, reliable. They are continually present- to a lesser or greater extent. The toothbrushes in your bathroom are the people in your home, acting visual reminders of their presence or absence. I’m so lucky to have those toothbrushes in my bathroom, it genuinely makes me happy to see them in the morning. Those brushes are owned by special humans.

As I write this, I’m going through my memories of bits n bobs. Library lunches, coffee breaks signalled by an empty keepcup, of nights being silly.

The materials and stuff in our lives carry so much sentimental weight. There are times when that object is freed of its duties, and we are free to remove it from our life. Part of me has been freed by some things that have dogged me the past few years. I am thankful for these new everyday objects; ducks and tangerines, voice messages in group chats, whispering on level 11, and toothbrushes.

I guess what part of me is trying to say is, take notice the everyday. It is there and it is lovely.



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