Speaking or spoken in a quiet and indistinct way.

To mumble as the definition explains is often understood as indistinct. This I find, is close many a time to my own experience of that internal voice, pattering and nattering away in the background. Its that thing that keeps you up at night, and that song stuck in your head for longer than you wanted. It was for these reasons why I chose to use this space as a way to give my mumblings a more distinct voice, to let them grow but also to let them out of my own head.

About me, you ask?

I’m Molly; a 22 something Irish student studying in Glasgow. I’m currently working towards my undergraduate degree in History of Art.

There is more than where I am and what I do Monday to Thursday though. I’ve a huge interest in podcasts, food, culture, current affairs, the place around me, and many other things that you’ll learn as this blog and space grows.

Other things that make me tick is wandering around and discovering new places, can be big or small though preferably with a coffee shop close by. I’ve also ‘borrowed’ my Dad’s old Nikon FM2 which is what I take most of my photos on these days aside from my phone of course.fullsizeoutput_279e

This space:

It’s undefined really. A mixture of poetry, writing, and photography at the moment. But hopefully over time it will expand and have other bits n bobs as well.

A little note:

All of the content from the photography to text is my own unless otherwise stated. If you would like to use my images, then please do drop me an email.